How does a conversation about pink hair evolve into a lecture on welfare and subsidies? Why is a 46 year old man talking about pink hair?


My 14 year old, Shelby asked how old she had to be to dye her hair. 18, she asked?

To which I responded, “Only if at 18 you are fully paying for your own housing, food, clothing, education, entertainment, transportation and healthcare.”

“But at 18 I’m old enough to join the army and make my own decisions,” she debated.

“Only if you can afford to. Your life is completely subsidized.”

Which led to a conversation about food and housing subsidies and I explained to my kids that basically they are on welfare.

I’m a killjoy.

It’s great at times to have the kids trapped in the car with me.

But I’m on welfare. As a Christian, you are too. Our salvation has been subsidized.

Grace we didn’t earn.
Mercy we don’t deserve.
Forgiveness is a gift.
Free housing when we die. A mansion in fact.

All things we could never afford, but cost our Father everything. But that’s the love of a father.

Always wanting and doing the best for his kids…which does not include pink hair.

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