I pulled a tick from Will’s head last night.

He’s 7 years old so it’s his first one and he didn’t want me to pull it out. That’s normal. He thought it would hurt. I understand. Sandra is always sneaking up on me trying to pull stray hairs from my body or even worse, those wierd body tags. It freaks me out. Back off, woman!

But I convinced Will that the tick could make him very sick if it stayed. It’s removal may hurt a bit, but remaining would be much worse. He took it like a man.

We would all extract a tick from our bodies if we got one, yet we allow other life sucking, illness inducing things to stay.

Toxic relationships.
Destructive habits.
Self-defeating thoughts.

All things that the enemy uses to poison us. Keep us from intimacy with God and healthy relationships. We should do as the Word says and seek first the Kingdom of God. It’s our initiative. By diligently seeking God through prayer and studying His Word, the Holy Spirit will shine a light on these ticks.

Then we need to yank them out of our lives.

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