Sandra burned me yesterday.

Not in a metaphorical way. A real way. Like a cattle prod branding kind of way. Maybe she was marking her property.

She can be dangerous. What was she thinking asking me to take the cookies out of the oven? I was in a hurry and the cookie pan made contact with the inside of my arm. I almost cried like a baby. Sandra wasn’t within 15 feet… but it’s still her fault.

Because it certainly can’t be mine. Nothing ever is.

Do you know people like me? There’s plenty of us out there. People who blame everyone and everything for their problems.

Business is slow yet they don’t spend money on marketing or meet with prospects. Instead, prospects are stingy and that’s the problem.

Or church is full of hypocrites and that’s why they don’t go. Yep it sure is.
But they and all the people they find acceptable to hang out with are perfect.

Or their marriage stinks because the wife is a nag. Question. Did she nag when you got married? What changed? Certainly not you, right? Because you are perfect. Still.

The examples don’t end. It’s a 360 degree circle of blame game. Fault swirls around but never lands on them.

I mean us.

The only human to ever live who truly had the right to blame others for His problems never did.

Falsely accused. Betrayed. Abandoned. Wrongly convicted. Beaten. Murdered.

But He didn’t blame anyone else. He only said, Father please forgive them.

Now that’s taking it like a man.

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