There just aren’t any excuses anymore.

With my best friend, Google, along with PC’s, tablets and smartphones, almost any reason for most people to ask you an informational question is now unnecessary. I say most people because my parents don’t have any of these devices and my friend, Arthur is tech challenged. But for most people…

What time does the movie start?
How many people live in China?
Why Waterworld?

Well, some things even Google can’t answer.

But for the rest, I don’t know. Google it!

Knowledge is power and access to it is always at our fingertips. Who is ever more than 26 feet away from a Google machine? And Google is always open for business.

So don’t ask me! Take some initiative. So many answers (or solutions) are within our grasp and we know they are there, but we ignore them and rely on other people when we can help ourselves. Or we bury our heads in the sand all together and do nothing.

Bibles collect dust on nightstands and bookshelves…all 14 versions. The treadmill is a clothes hanging rack. MyFitnessPal hasn’t been logged into for 6 weeks.

Ouch! That’s a poke in my own eye.

There really was no excuse for that…

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