I sat in the chair getting my hair cut and looked at the face in the mirror.

That dude looks mad.

I wasn’t though. I was in a great mood. Will and I were hanging out and he had just gotten a terrific cut that I think his mom will finally approve. When it comes to her boy’s hair, she’s kinda psycho. Yes, you are. Really.

But the face in the mirror didn’t reflect the joy in my heart.

I’ve noticed this before. My default face is mad. I need to fix it. I know what I saw other people have seen thousands of times. If you know me then you’ve learned that I’m not really always mad. If you don’t know me, then you probably think I’m a jerk. If you get to know me, you may still think that but at least I’ve earned it.

First impressions are so important. Not that I live for man’s approval because I live to please God alone, but I am His ambassador. I represent Him.

That’s what my face needs to reflect. The Word says that a glad heart makes a cheerful face. (Proverbs 15:13).

My first impression needs to advance the cause of Christ, not detract from it.

That’s the truth. I need to face it.

Editor’s Note: Last week in the post, Getting Over Mondays, I mentioned my idea of going to the gym on Monday mornings since I don’t like Mondays anyway. Well, today is Monday and that didn’t happen. My alarm sounded at 6am, I turned it off and quickly fell back asleep. This Monday thing may take a while, but as I tell my son, you don’t fail until you quit. There’s another Monday morning coming up. And maybe I need to rethink it anyway. Maybe a better idea would be to add something to early Monday mornings that I would actually enjoy. Hmmm…

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