Now I remember.

I’m making a renewed effort to stay on top of current events because it’s embarrassing when someone asks me what I think of this or that and my response is, “What national disaster?” But now I remember why I don’t stay current.

It just ticks me off.

Politics aside because there’s enough bad news and stupid news reported, recycled and rehashed over and over to make people of all political persuasions nauseous. When a big story breaks it’s played and played and played and when the fresh wears off reporters dig up new angles on the same old bad news. They’ll find a girlfriend from 23 years ago and interview her.

Then the stupidity of some things drives me insane. Rolling Stone magazine is really putting the Boston Marathon bomber’s picture on its cover? Really?

I didn’t need to know that. It just raises my blood pressure. I’ve boycotted that magazine for over 46 years anyway.

And then there’s Stevie Wonder. He says that he won’t perform in Florida any more. How helpful is that to the healing that needs to happen there? If he really wanted to be a leader, an agent for healing, why not offer to play a free concert in Florida in Trayvon Martin’s memory? His actions are harmful, not helpful, divisive, not uniting. The people of Florida who love and respect Stevie Wonder are the one’s who will suffer for his boycott. I think the Florida government who made the law that he’s protesting could care less if he ever graces their State again.

I’d rather stay current on the Good News. Yes, it’s an old book, but it gives me something fresh(and helpful and relevant and uplifting) everyday.

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