I operate a static video camera at church and the hardest part is keeping the pastor and worship leaders in focus. They move around a lot. Side to side, forward and back, up and down.

When I have them in focus and then they move away, they get fuzzy. I have to tweak the focus dial. It’s an ongoing chase all morning. If I didn’t adjust, they would probably walk back into focus eventually. But that’s not the job. I have to follow after them to keep them focused.

It occurred to me that this is exactly opposite of how our relationships should be with God.

God has a focus, a purpose, a plan for our lives. In Jeremiah 29:11, God says He knows the plans He has for us. He knows. The focus is dialed in. When we walk into it the vision for our lives is 20/20. When we stray away from it things get blurry. We are not fully living by God’s design. While I believe that God will relentlessly pursue a relationship with us, His plan for us is something in which we have to step into. The focus is locked in. He’s not chasing us around changing His plan depending upon where we’ve wandered off to.

I realized recently that God’s focus for my life is to use my gift of writing to glorify Him and to encourage others. Not cake baking, candlestick making or picture taking. Writing.

I can see that clearly now.

If it seems that you are living a pixilated existence, seek God for answers. Every day ask Him. Every day praise Him. Every day read His Word. If you’re not doing these things, then that could be why you’re floundering out of focus.

God has you dialed in. Step into it.

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