I love listening to podcasts of good preaching. I’ve even learned to appreciate audio books. And it’s not just preaching. I like business and sports podcasts as well, especially since fantasy football is right around the corner.

But preaching is my favorite. It’s a nice background when doing low mental wattage tasks. But thanks to my friend, Arthur, I found an even better resource to listen to. The Bible. Specifically, the Bible app on my iPhone which I discovered has an audio component. So in addition to listening to someone’s interpretation of what God has said, I can hear God speak what He said (He has a British accent by the way). I don’t hear every word as occasionally I must pay attention to the task at hand, but it’s like taking a shower. I don’t notice every stream of water hitting my body, but I know that I’m getting cleaned.

And I discovered that there’s a great power to hearing the spoken Word. As I listened to several of the Psalms, I felt my mood rise. That’s what hearing the Truth will do. The Bible is God-breathed and that air is injected straight into my spirit. And I believe that speaking the Bible and hearing yourself speak it can be even more impacting and life changing. We are agreeing with what God has said.

And His Word will cleanse us better than any shower.

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