Most people have a tension in their lives over 2 points.

A and B.

We’re at point A, yet we want to be at point B. The Bible instructs us to be content in all things and to give thanks for all things, but I believe that it’s perfectly fine to pursue the best that God has to offer. Just don’t grumble about point A on your way to point B.

But the idea I want to convey is that if you are an adult, you are responsible for making your own travel arrangements between A and B. Everyone else in your life loves you but they are too busy with their own A’s and B’s to get behind you and push you the distance.

It’s up to you.

Point B may seem so far away that it doesn’t seem possible or you’re waiting on a home run, but games are won on base hits. These base hits come by daily getting up and doing the things that move you inch by inch down the line. Things that are easy to do, yet easy not to do.

These daily disciplines compounded over time will ultimately get you to your destination. You don’t fail til you give up.

And then you’ll always be stuck on A.

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