We use this word a lot at my company. We refer to it as the “P” word.

It’s not a bad word, but it is a necessary one. I have learned in my 3 years on the job that processes are very important and powerful. They help make sure stuff gets done and done right. Some of them aren’t fun, but that’s the cost of doing business. Life is full of processes. We don’t like them all. Driving in rush hour, bumper to bumper traffic isn’t a joy, but it’s part of the process of employment. Except for me. My great boss allows us to work from home. My worst traffic jam 8-6 is getting into the bathroom with 3 females in my house. Yes, envy me.

Honestly, I’m not a process person. My wife is, bless her heart, but not me. I’m more of a “go with the flow” kinda guy. But I have learned to embrace them.

Getting what we want out of life involves processes. Setting goals, tasks and deadlines are processes. These we have some control over. Drifting without a plan activates a different set of processes in our lives. Poor health and poverty don’t happen overnight. They happen over time as successive, repeated poor decisions(or a lack of any decision making) are processed through the natural laws of cause and effect.

Process is a concept that works for us and against us. It just seems wise to harness it’s power for good.

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