Just heard a song with the lyrics “I can’t live another day without you.”

Really? Are you ready to gag? A bit melodramatic don’t you think?

It sure puts a lot of pressure on the other person. I want Sandra to love me, but if I thought she couldn’t live another day without me, well think of the implications. If I fall over and die right now, then my 3 minor kids will be orphaned and wards of the state by next week. That is the logical conclusion, right? I die, Sandra can’t live a day without me so she dies of a broken heart and my kids have no parents. The state takes over.

I can’t handle the load of this kind of love. The thought gives me chest pains.

But God can handle it. He’s the only One who can. And He is the only One that you never ever have to worry about living without. He isn’t going anywhere.

You never have to live a day without Him. Sing “I can’t live another day without you” about Him. Now that makes sense.

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