I can’t blame God for everything.

Or attribute every little thing that happens to me to him. If I say something offensive to a friend that ruins a relationship, do I say it’s just God’s will? If I show up late to work every day and get fired, is that God’s will?

Uh, no. It’s just me being stupid.

If other people’s decisions effect me in a negative way, am I to believe that they’re being instruments of God’s will?

No again.

Sometimes God just isn’t involved.

It wasn’t His plan for Adam and Eve to eat the apple. But they did. Being God and all, He knew they would mess up so He had made a plan from the beginning of time that made up for their mistake.


So even though God may not always be involved in the very second of our life-changing moments, He is involved in the wake of them…if we invite Him.

He can make up for what we’ve messed up.

I think the Old Testament Israelites would agree…time and time and time again.

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