Not many days are filled with 16 hours of fun.

Most 16 hour days are about work, school, commuting, cooking dinner, taxiing kids around, saying things like, “yes, sir, I’ll get that to you as soon as possible.”

That’s a typical day.

On Sunday, I experienced an awesome, atypical day.

Joel coordinated, arranged, financed and provided transportation for me, Will, LJ, Chris and himself to go to Atlanta to watch the Braves play the Marlins. He even studied the seating arrangements to make sure that we were in the shade but not too far as to eliminate the possibilities of snagging a foul ball. That didn’t happen although we did see a lady a few rows in front of us get boinked in the head by a foul ball that ricocheted off the seats above us. She was fine.

Braves. baseball, MLB

The kids got an education at a South Carolina Waffle House on the way down.


Then we enjoyed lunch at the park, got free Braves hats by selling our contact info to Chevrolet and then we gorged on ribs, wings and BBQ at Shane’s Rib Shack. I changed Joel’s life by informing him that the Charlotte area had 3 Shane’s locations. We don’t have to travel 4 and 1/2 hours to sup with Shane.


And Will got a tomahawk.

Pitching duels are great to watch on TV and nap through, but thankfully this one had a lot of hitting as the Braves won 9-4. The kids got to see Freddie Freeman knock one out and I got to see my fantasy score jump as Freddie’s on my team.

The good Lord in His infinite mercy and kindness held off the rain until the drive home and got us home safely.

We didn’t get a ticket…I mean speeding ticket.


And I stayed awake the whole time. Miracles abound.

It was a perfect day. A perfect game…to us.

Will and I thank you very much! Braves.MeandWill

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