Something has shifted.

I think.

It seems that telephone etiquette has changed. At least in my mind there’s a shift occurring. We used to think nothing of picking up the phone to call someone. And without caller ID the brave soul would answer not knowing who was calling.

Now before I call someone I feel compelled to text them first to see if they can talk. An unannounced phone call seems like an intrusion. A bit like a Baptist Sunday School class that pops in on an unexpecting couple at 8:00pm on a Wednesday night after the couple’s first visit to their church on the prior Sunday. They’re chilling in their pj’s about to catch up on the last 2 episodes of The Big Bang Theory. And the door bell rings.

Thank God for DVR’s and the pause button.

I’ve personally moved more to texting than talking. It’s easier and less time consuming. I don’t need to “catch up” with anyone anymore. I’m always caught up by reading their tweets, viewing their pictures on Instagram, watching their videos on Vine and if I cared to know more, I could friend them on Facebook(if I had a Facebook account).

I digress.

So, is it just me or is it becoming socially incorrect to straight dial someone without warning?

At a time when we are overexposed to everyone through social media, are we personally becoming more reclusive and isolated?

If you have any thoughts on the matter, give me a call…but text first.

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