When I saw this missing name plate at Hard Rock Cafe at Myrtle Beach, I wondered which celebrity did something so bad that warranted its removal.

What could a superstar have done that made Hard Rock want to disassociate itself from him?

Was it Mel Gibson who made anti-Semitic comments in a drunken stupor?

Roger Clemens for allegedly taking steroids?

Lance Armstrong? Michael Jackson? OJ Simpson?

A life spent working long and hard hours perfecting your craft can all be ruined with a momentary slip or when your evil deeds are revealed. And God said what we try to cover up He will uncover.

It especially amazes me when high profile people are so narcissistic that
think they can get away with anything at all. How can they? Media has them covered 24/7.

But this is a lesson for all of us, not just the famous. Our good character and reputations are ultimately irreplaceable and when damaged, almost utterly irretrievable. The reverberations affect everyone within our circle. Our wives and children are hurt, our friends are embarrassed, our business associates are tainted.

All because of pride and selfishness.

As I spent a few minutes of my vacation quietly philosophizing over these thoughts, Sandra walked over and saw the missing name plate.

“Look”, she said, “Someone stole that name plate.”

Well, I guess it could have happened that way, too.

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