It dawned on me yesterday that Tuesdays are a bit boring. I was smack dab in the middle of one.

To clarify, during football season and specifically fantasy football season, Tuesdays are uneventful. Anticlimactic. Long.


Sundays are awesome. Football news and games from morning til midnight. Then Mondays, Monday Night Football. Need I say more about that? I shall. Many weekly fantasy match ups are decided in the final seconds of the Monday night games. Pins and needles.

I’ll circle back to Tuesdays.

Wednesday is the waiver claim day. You’ve waited several days until Wednesday morning to see if you got the players off waivers that you wanted. And you can look forward to Thursday night football.

Then Thursdays. You know.

Everyone gets excited about Fridays. TGIF.

Saturday is your day. Not the Man’s and there’s college football as a bonus and the occasional Saturday night NFL game.

But Tuesdays? Nothing. It’s like the first day back from vacation. The flurry of football activity over the past few days is a lingering memory. And quite possibly sad memories depending on your team’s performance.

I wish I could just sleep through Tuesdays.

Or maybe I could schedule therapy appointments on Tuesdays for my fantasy football addiction. That’s not a bad idea. Maybe he can shed some insight into MJD’s issues this year.

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