It was not the wisest or healthiest decision to buy it in the first place.

Impulse shopping is rarely a good idea. Especially when it comes to canned corn beef.

But it was one of my “what the heck” moments so I rolled with it. My mind changed by the time I got the groceries home and the can sat on the shelf for months. Until one night I got home late from work and I was too tired to have good sense.

The can caught my eye and I had another one of those aforementioned moments. Having never purchased this product before I was at a bit of a loss as how to open it. But I saw what looked like a pull tab and I pulled.

It didn’t go as designed. Dang those corn beef can engineers. The pull tab broke. This was probably God’s plan to protect me, but I’m too stubborn. This can wouldn’t defeat me.

I went for my toolbox. Pliers, a wrench, a can opener and heavy duty scissors lay on my counter before I finally cracked the code.

I scooped it all out onto a plate and microwaved what looked like a pile of Alpo. Then I ate it. I had come too far to turn back now. It was awful. Dog food may have been better.

But don’t judge me. We all do it. We knowingly do things that are wrong, unhealthy and just plain sinful. In fact, the Bible says sometimes we are like dogs who return to eat their vomit. This means we don’t learn from our mistakes and we repeat them only to suffer through the same consequences as before.

I’ve done it. It doesn’t taste good. Probably like the canned corn beef.


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