Once God sets something in place no man can get in the way.

God anointed David as the next king to one day replace King Saul. It would be a while before it became official. In the meantime, David slays Goliath and cuts off his head. King Saul was so impressed that he commanded David to live in his palace. Evidently, Saul didn’t get the memo about his heir apparent.

Now the irony.

Saul had a son, Jonathan, who was in line to be the next king. But in 1 Samuel 18:1 Jonathan met David for the first time and there was an instant attraction. He was “knit to the soul of David and Jonathan loved him as his own soul”.

Jonathan stripped himself of his robe, armor and sword and gave it to David.

Jonathan was the next to be king as son of Saul, but he lined up with God’s plan for David even though he didn’t know a plan existed.

It doesn’t matter.

When God has a plan for us, people will get in line or they will get out of the way. Or God will close the Red Sea over our detractors.

Pastor Steven Furtick just completed a fantastic series on David and Goliath called Sticks and Stones.

It was awesome.

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