I had an opportunity to teach Will a small lesson on loyalty.

We used the fantastic Great Clips app to schedule our haircut appointments. Only 11 minutes to wait. Perfect! We were about 5 minutes away.

We arrived and Leah was working. All the girls there are great, but we have developed a relationship with her. We said we would wait on her.

Sure. There’s just a couple others ahead of you we were told. Apparently we aren’t the only people who like Leah.

No problem. We’ll wait.

A bunch of people came in after us, got served and left while we still waited. Maybe Leah was doing a perm and color. Maybe I should have inquired. I noticed Will getting antsy. And my opportunity for an afternoon nap was slipping by.

I thought maybe I should explain to him why we were waiting.

Loyalty sometimes requires patience. When we are loyal to someone and they aren’t easily available, we wait on them. Leah depends on her loyal customers for money she needs to feed her family. We could easily come and go quickly if we didn’t wait on her, but what message would that send to her? We cared more about our convenience than about her basic needs.

I think he got it. He stopped squirming so much. And mom liked his haircut. Not an easy feat.

Loyalty does have its rewards.


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