My son walked to a neighbor’s house the other day to play with his new friend.

It was a big deal. My heart felt like someone was squeezing it.

It was the first time ever he has done anything like it. We homeschool, so it’s probably equivalent to putting him on a school bus at the age of 5. We never had to do that.

Now he’s almost 8.

I know. You may not think it’s a big deal, but we just moved into a neighborhood and he never had the chance to walk to a neighbor’s house. He grew up in a house 200 feet off a busy county road. So yes, to watch him march away from our front door and walk down the street to knock on a neighbor’s house was a watershed moment.

For me. And I think his mom, too because I noticed her watching out of the other window.

Will was cool with it. I admire his confidence. He seemed to have no trepidation about taking his first solo walk up the street.

I find it almost treasonous that he’s growing up…and he wants a friend other than me.

Such is life. He has to have his own and this was just his first step towards that life.

I can’t imagine the heart of God as His Son walked up the hill of Calvary.

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