I’m realizing that my devotion life with God is an integrated two-way communication system.

Giving and receiving.

For my whole life I have practiced only the first part. In my prayer time I give The Lord thanks. I give Him praise.

And I give Him my list.

I finish speaking and I’m done. I believe, however, that The Lord wants me to leave space to receive. To be quiet and listen.

In my efficient manner I have always prayed in the shower. Sounds strange but it makes sense for me. I am alone(indeed). I don’t usually get interrupted. It’s first thing in the morning and it’s quiet.

But it’s time to revamp. For the very reasons above, shower time would be the best time to receive from The Lord. Hear what He has to say. So my new plan is to read the Word and pray as soon as I wake up before my feet hit the floor. My iPhone with the YouVersion Bible app is always on my nightstand and that’s a good time to start giving thanks. I woke up to a new day.

Thank you, Jesus.

Then I’ll get up to take a shower and receive from Him. It shouldn’t have taken 46 years to think of this plan. All of my best ideas over the years have come to me while in the shower. And they were all from Him.

In fact, God gave me this very idea while in the shower. I think He’s anxious to tell me a lot more things now that I’m committing time to shut my fat mouth and listen.

I’m all ears. (No laughing from the people who know me and have seen my ears).

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