This is a park. The 9th Street Park in Charlotte according to Siri. Hmm…

We dropped off the girls at the Second Harvest Food Bank to serve with their Key Club on this Saturday morning and we searched for a park. Will had baseball assessments later in the day and he needed practice. Lots of practice. So I asked Siri where I could find the closest park. She said 9th Street.

Does it look like a park?

Maybe it once was or maybe it soon will be. But Siri said it was. It just doesn’t look like one. I’m not sure what she was seeing.

God says some things about us if we are Jesus followers.

He says we are more than conquerors.
He says we can do all things through Christ.
He says that we are joint heirs with Christ. I like this one since the Father owns everything.

He says we are blessed with every spiritual blessing.
He says we are blameless.
He says that all things are possible for us.
He says that we are His workmanship created to do good things.

We may not look like these things now, but these are the things that He sees in us. These are the possibilities. The potential. But as the Word says, we have to work out our salvation. We have to stretch out our hands. We have to pick up our mats. We have to get out of the boat.

God has put these things in us. We have to take the initiative to work them out. Then we will see what God sees.

Even Siri won’t get it wrong.

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