The other day Sandra was looking for her iPhone charger that has a permanent place by the couch. But this time it wasn’t so permanent. It was missing. So Will and I began an exhaustive search for it.

Keely didn’t know where it was. Shelby didn’t know where it was. Sandra had an extra one beside her nightstand, but there’s still one missing. Then we found one plugged into a car charger adapter.

I announced victoriously, “We found it.”

“No”, someone said. I can’t remember who. My listening skills drop to zero when I’m told I’m wrong about something.

“What do you mean ‘no’? Of course this it,” I replied.

Then this someone tried to convince me that this charger has always been used in the car and couldn’t be Sandra’s. It’s becoming clearer to me now. The someone was Keely. She was the one using the car charger.

“Do the math,” I said. “We only have 5 chargers in this house. MIne, Keely’s, Shelby’s, Mom’s new one and Mom’s old one. Will and I searched and accounted for all 5. They were all where they should be except the one by the couch. The only wildcard was the one connected to the car charger. That has to be it.”

Case closed. We were searching for something we already had.

Here comes the lesson. You knew it wasn’t far away.

We spend much of our lives searching for things we already have.

More money. Bigger house. Nicer clothes.

But look around and you will find that God has provided for your every need. You aren’t writing bad checks and there’s tuna fish and peanut butter in the pantry. You have a house that you are already too busy to keep clean and your closet is full.

And what about this one? A higher purpose in life because you’re not feeling fulfilled.

Look no further than the young son or daughter or maybe grandchild who needs Godly guidance in his life. If you need more purpose than that to be fulfilled, then something isn’t adding up right.

You’re just being selfish.

Ok, confession because Sandra hates these types of posts when I am too pointed. And my other 2 followers think I’m talking about them. Not this time. This post was all about me and the chatterbox in my head. I’m preaching to me and no one else.

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  1. It’s always good to have a reminder on how blessed we are because sometimes were all upset when we have five of anything and can’t find one of them because we didn’t have the discipline to put it back where it goes. I’m still learning thanks for the reminder look forward to tomorrow’s blog!!!

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