Will and I were practicing baseball in the backyard and I said, “Son, we’re gonna make a baseball player out of you.”

He corrected me.

“I am a baseball player.”

Right, ok. Let me rephrase.

“Well, you’re going to be a great ball player.

He corrected me again.

“I am a great baseball player.”

My heart soared. I want my son to have this confidence. I never did. So I’ve spent his 8 years pumping into him how awesome he is and that all things are possible with God.

Maybe he’s not a great ball player yet, but he thinks he is. And that’s the most important thing.

Believing is the first step. If he believes it, he can become it.

And he may never become a great baseball player, but I want him to believe he can be great at whatever he puts his hands and heart to. That will take him so much further in life than a lack of confidence that many people are saddled with.

So far so good.

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