She called it Queso dip.

Almost always Keely is a great cook. I want her to embrace her God-given skills and be a chef, but I couldn’t eat the dip.

Because she called it Queso. And it was orange. Queso is not orange. It’s an off-white color. At least what I’ve been exposed to is off-white. Of course, I just did an image search on my Google machine and found many pictures of orange Queso. I didn’t know this then. Sorry, Keely.

But…based on my earlier perception of what it should look like, it wasn’t right. I didn’t want any part of it. I’ll pass on green catsup too.

Life works the same way, too.

We call ourselves Christians, but sometimes we don’t look like it.

People see us gossiping, maligning, being unkind to the poor, telling or laughing at off color jokes, etc, etc and they think, “He calls himself a Christian and he’s telling dirty jokes? No thanks, if that’s what a Christian looks like, I’ll pass.”

I’m guilty as charged, too. Sometimes I’m the hypocritical orange Queso. But the Holy Spirit used this silly example to convict me that I have a long way to go to look like Jesus and that unbelievers notice my discrepancies.

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