I think that my Big Green Egg pork bbq is the best I’ve ever eaten. Sandra agrees and she’s brutally honest(at least with me). So, I was a little surprised when Mike, my coworker, rated it a 6 out of 10. But he explained that he really liked it, yet he never gives any bbq a 10 and rarely an 8. Once you start rating too high, where do you go from there? He’s a bbq aficionado and a tough critic. Ok, I can live with that; he just won’t get any more of my bbq.

But it makes me think of how often these days I hear people using the word “amazing” to describe something. It has to be the most overused adjective, next to awesome, on the planet. Everything is amazing. What happens when something better comes along? Is it super amazing? Or really amazing while the first one was only amazing? Then the next better one is really, really amazing?

When I hear something qualified as amazing, I’m not moved anymore. The word has lost its pop with me. It’s time for a new word.

Maybe “grand”. As in my bbq is grand. Mike’s taste buds and bbq rating skills are less than grand.

Sounds good to me. It’s a grand idea.

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