I haven’t become rich with age, but I have become wiser.

At least wise enough to know that I’m done buying exercise equipment. I sold one piece at a yard sale this past Saturday and gave my last one to Goodwill on Sunday. My neighbor asked about it and I told him that I’ve given up exercise. The next time I get an urge to exercise I’ll take a nap til the urge passes.

Ok, this isn’t entirely true. I still believe in exercising, but not in purchasing the equipment. After I use it 3-4 times, it sits around, collects dust and becomes a facilitator of stumped toes.
Instead, wisdom has taught me the better way…a gym membership. After I use it for 2 months on a 12 month contract, I’m only out 10 months or approximately $350. That’s usually less than the cost of the equipment which I have to keep moving to get out of my way and eventually figure out how to get rid of. It’s definitely less expensive than the hernia surgery that all of this moving around may induce.

As I said, I’ve gotten wiser with age, not rich.

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