Today is the first day of my vacation, but it doesn’t feel like it. And I’m pouting about it.

See, I’m supposed to be sitting on the beach right now under an umbrella with a paperback in one hand and a cold beverage in the other listening to Vann Morrison sing about cleaning windows. I booked the condo a year ago especially for this week because my birthday is Wednesday(cash gifts welcome) and I requested the time off work.

But then life happened.

Our plan to buy a house by Christmas 2014 was derailed and we had to fast forward it a year early. By God’s grace we got the house, but it took our vacation money and every other nickel we could find in the sofa cushions.

So today instead of napping beach side, I’m handling some side work and about to dive into painting our kitchen and living room.

Maybe you understand why it doesn’t feel like vacation. But then I heard the Holy Spirit whisper, “Don’t wait til it feels like vacation to start acting like it.”
Sounds like great advice. So instead of racing home to paint, I stopped for lunch at The Skinny Cook. It must be vacation for me to eat lunch out during the week.

And when I get home, I’ll paint to some Vann Morrison.

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