The story goes like so…a naval captain was out at sea late one very cloudy night and he saw the lights of an approaching ship. He announced loudly over the radio waves, “I am the captain of the USS Minnow. You are in my path. I command you by authority of the United States government to alter course.” 
No response. 
He made the announcement a second time. 
No response. 
The third time he was angry. And he was getting closer to the light. 
“Alter course immediately or face prosecution by the United States government. I am a captain in the Navy. “
This finally rendered a response. 
“Sorry, captain. You will have to change course. I am the lighthouse.”
My lighthouse turns 17 years old today. If you know Keely you know what I mean. She is a light and she’s so grounded that she’s darn near unshakeable. 
Happy birthday!
She is wise beyond her years and more self-assured than most adults I know. She is a puzzle for sure. Many people would assume that her quite nature is an indication that she’s shy, timid and unsure of herself. Many people would be wrong. She’s just smarter than most of us.
Her uncle Joel and her cousin, Sedona can testify. They took Keely to an Elevation Church “meet the worship pastors” event a few years ago. It was a chance to meet them and get autographs. At the event Keely got separated from Joel and Sedona and found them a bit later. She asked if they were ready to leave. Joel, being the good uncle he is said, “We’ve only met one of the worship pastors so far. Do you want to hang with us and we can help you meet them?” 
Keely responded, “No, I’m ready. I’ve already met them and got all of their autographs.”
That’s my girl. She is not afraid. 
We actually committed to Elevation during a time when we were looking around because she came to us one Sunday morning and had a heart to heart with us. “I’m tired of looking around. I want to go to Elevation. I can work it out with Uncle Joel to ride with him.” The Lord had not led us elsewhere, so a child shall lead them. 
She was then the first one to join a volunteer group and the first to join a small group. She was 12. 
She’s such an amazing young lady. Keely is a gifted cook, has a great eye for photography and is a talented musician. And people are starting to recognize that she is indeed a very special person. Elevation recently asked her to be a student leader and Jerry, her guitar instructor asked her to coach some of his younger students. I’m jealous that my hidden jewel of a secret is getting discovered. I’ve had her to myself for 17 years. I’m not ready to share.
 It seems like just yesterday that I squirted her with a water hose and she scolded me, “That’s not nice, daddy. Say you’re sorry.” 
“You’re right, Keely. I’m sorry.” 
“That’s ok. You’ll be nice next time.” 
Even strangers love her and serenade her.
What’s not to love?
I love you, Keely. Have a fantastic day. You deserve it! 

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