As I write this, sweat is dropping off my pot belly onto my flip flops while I assist my daughter, Shelby in her volunteer assignment at Matthews Alive. We are working the information booth. How did I end up here on a 90 degree midday Sunday?

Oh, yeah, my wife.

Anyway, I’ve struggled with the sunbrella they have for our booth. It’s barely big enough and the stitching on
2 sides is broken preventing it from fully stretching out. While taking a break from this task, I began to read a little pamphlet that someone left at our station. It was about the cruelty and horrors of eating meat. There were pictures and quotes from Hollywood and pop stars about how animals have feelings and it’s wrong to eat them.

Not one scientific or educated opinion was given.

We really do take our moral cues from Hollywood. How sad. Have you noticed the movies and songs they are putting out? And they think they can give anyone advice on morality?

Well, the pamphlet was useful. I folded it up tightly and used it to fix the sunbrella.


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