I wish I was more like my son. Will is 8 years old and today is his 4th surgery to repair his bilateral cleft lip. Throw in a hernia surgery 4 years ago and he’s up to 5 surgeries in his short life.

How does he handle the anxiety of these surgeries? Better than me. We were with him this morning in the pre-op room and I’ve seen him much more uptight playing Minecraft. But I’m highly agitated by the 12 year old year girl playing on the kiddie tool bench in the children’s waiting room and her older brother who can’t make up his mind. Do I stay or do I go? He keeps going in and out of the door.

How am I supposed to nap?

I ask the lady at the desk if there’s another waiting room and I discover that she’s my angel of mercy. She moves us into a private family (did I say single family?) waiting room with comfortable chairs and a couch. And no annoying kids.

The Lord is so good. (The tall guy is our world class, miracle working pediatric surgeon, Dr. Matthews, who has been on this journey with us since before Will was born).

Will and Dr. Matthews

2 thoughts

  1. We can learn so much from Will. He is such a loving and cool soul. Nothing to be anxious about, my Father is with me.
    You know, we can all say that, just look Inside and Up our Heavenly Father wants us to be cool and calm too.. ” be anxious in nothing.. ” Phil 4:6

    Thanks for the reminder Will.

    Uncle Joel

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