Its a wonderful life

This is one of my all time favorite movies and definitely my fave Christmas movie. I’ve watched it most years for the past 20 and something new hits me every time. This year was no different and I’d like to share my 2014 IAWL revelation. You’ll probably think, “You dimwit, that was one of the main points and you’re just now getting it?”

Yes. I didn’t attract my beautiful wife with intellect.

Anyway, George had big, wild-eyed dreams and plans from the time he was old enough to say “hee-haw”. As you probably know, the pattern for George’s life was that he sacrificed all of his plans for other people; his brother, his father, the Bailey Building & Loan, the townspeople and even his guardian angel, Clarence. At the end, George looked back on his life and ate a big, sour slice of self-pity until Clarence showed him what everyone’s life and fate would have been if he hadn’t been born.

My revelation is this: George had his plans, but God had HIS plans. And even though George’s plans didn’t work out, God used George’s plan preparations to fulfill His plan.

Case in point:

George’s plan: George saved thousands of dollars for college and a worldwide adventure. Then the Building & Loan was almost forced to shut down unless George took over.

God’s plan: George didn’t go to college and the college savings was used for George’s little brother, Harry. This set Harry off into a trajectory that led him to shoot down a Japanese war plane that would have suicide-crashed into an American aircraft carrier killing hundreds of soldiers.

George’s plan: He saved thousands more dollars to take his wife, Mary on an extravagent honeymoon. Then the Stock Market crashed and there was a run on the banks. People wanted to withdrawal all of their money which would have put the Building & Loan out of business.

God’s plan: George used the honeymoon money to appease his customers by persuading them to take loans from him personally to get by instead of cashing out. This again saved the Building & Loan and as you know, the Building & Loan is the only thing that saved the town from the wrath of the ol’ meanie Mr. Potter.

So does this mean that we shouldn’t plan? Of course not. The Bible says in Proverbs 21:5, “The plans of the diligent lead to profit” . And if George hadn’t been planning for his future, he wouldn’t have had the resources to help Harry or save the Building & Loan.

George had great plans and God used those plans to do great things, just not how George expected. We have to remember that as we think our lives are going awry. Instead of choosing self-pity, maybe we should praise God for the wonderful life He has blessed us with and consider any alterations to our plans as His protection for our lives and blessings to others.

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