I love my family. And every time I am sent on an errand that puts me in the drive-thru line under the golden arches, it proves my undying love, devotion and sacrificial spirit I have for my family. 

Yes, that begs the question of how I can love my family yet support this dietary habit, but no love is perfect. It is supposed to be patient, but I’ve about lost my patience for waiting on french fries. If I did a statistical analysis of item sales, I bet I could prove that french fries are the number 1 selling product at this FAST FOOD franchise, yet EVERYTIME I am sent to fetch them, it’s anything but fast. I can get a triple espresso double vanilla latte with a lime twist in a nano second, but “sorry, we are waiting on your fries” is always the response from the smiling drive-thru attendant. 

How can you not have fries ready?

But as a Christian, how can I yell at my wife and kids? Or tell a white lie? Or live with unresolved bitterness towards someone?

Sorry. You will be waiting on an answer to those questions. 

2 thoughts

  1. I didn’t have to wait on fries today however they were cold so my question is is waiting for a hot fries worse then getting cold fries

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