Now about Bad Books. I said there was a 98% chance that I wouldn’t finish the book. Well, you can’t count out the 2%. Even the slightest of odds still have a chance or it would be zero(which is an idea posed in the book, not my own). I decided to finish because this is the year I’m working on consistency and perseverance. Finishing what I start, so not finishing the book would be a bad way to start the year. Setting the wrong trajectory.

So I persevered. And it turned out to be a very good read. Since I’m not bashing it anymore, I’ll share the title. I mean after all, it did win an Edgar Award, so it stands to reason I was wrong, huh? It’s The Last Policeman by Ben H. Winters. As I stated, it turned out very good and the main character was developed slowly, methodically and with great craftsmanship. The slow part was getting to me in the beginning.

I gave the 2% room to breathe and I was rewarded. Slim odds, a long shot, but did anyone sitting at the Cross of Jesus give Him 2% or was the Resurrection at 0 odds?

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