So Toby and I are making progress. It’s been almost a year. He will come within 10 feet of me now. If I am eating. And he’ll bark at me for food. 
I’ve played into his game by slipping him table food in an effort to win him over, but it hasn’t worked. In fact, I am the only one in the house who does and I’m still the only that he avoids like the plague. 

He’s just a taker. He uses me for food, but never gives emotionally of himself. I make other efforts, too. If someone is holding him, I will pet him with long, sweet strokes along his back. I read that dogs like that. And if I stop, he will nudge my hand to continue. Yet he still rejects me otherwise and it hurts. I have feelings, too. 

On the other hand, my oldest daughter, Keely, is his self appointed master. Wherever she is in the house, he is. Usually under her blanket. If she’s not home, then he’s in her room laying on her bed waiting. The rest of the family may be relaxing downstairs, but Toby will be in Keely’s bedroom. Alone. Waiting. And the truth is, she doesn’t even treat him all that well. No table scraps. I hardly ever see her petting him. And if she goes into a room and closes the door not allowing him in, he will scratch and paw at the door until it gets on everyone’s nerves bad enough that someone gets up and lets him in. But not our princess Keely. Once she gets comfortable, there’s no getting up. 

I don’t understand Toby’s blind and rather ignorant devotion to her. I try A LOT harder with Toby. 

But as a father maybe I should be happy. Maybe Keely is learning how to handle the opposite sex. 

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