I caught myself saying that to Arthur the other day. He was trying to make plans with me and I told him that I would be out of pocket several days.


Out of pocket? Did I just say that, I asked him. Yes you did, he replied.

I don’t talk like that. What does “out of pocket” even mean? How are people from other nationalities supposed to understand us? Or is that the point? We’ve developed our own code talk just for us. Can you imagine saying “I’m out of pocket those days” to someone learning English? He’d probably look down and around your pockets thinking you’re about to whip something out. Or back up suspecting you’re about to rip him off.

But yet those words came out of my mouth. How easily we adopt the words and nuances of our culture. The Word says not to conform to the patterns of this world and there I was just conforming away. And I’m a 47 year old man who’s not easily persuaded.

Just ask my wife. Or anyone who knows me.

What about our kids who we’ve tried to raise to love Jesus and the Bible? We expect them not to relent at times to the endless pull and attraction of the world? That’s why as parents we can never let up, never grow weary in doing the good and right things by and for our children. It can be exhausting because they are exhausting(I love you kids), but they are a gift from The Lord that we chose to bring into this world.

We can never be out of pocket for them.

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