Will’s opening ceremony for baseball was scheduled for this morning. Because of the forecasted rain, the commissioner broadcasted an email last night that he would send another email this morning if the ceremony was cancelled. 

So as we were driving in the rain on the way to the ballpark this morning, I wondered where that email was. Surely I’m not the only one who sees the rain and has the good sense to stay out of it. 

Then as I pulled into the parking lot, the email arrived with apologies. The commissioner explained that the league website was down and he’d been trying for over an hour to send the cancellation email. 

It occurred to me that I was wrong to have any doubts. I don’t know the commissioner, but leaders are chosen because they are trusted to make good decisions. And there comes an occasion when that trust is put to the test. Saying we trust is worthless when the test comes and we don’t trust.

We doubt. We complain. We criticize. 

You say you trust the parachute, so are you jumping out of the plane?

Once upon a time in high school I was supposed to pick up Sandra from her part time job. I never showed. And she was more than not happy. To put it mildly. This was before cell phones or beepers. Turns out, I had a wreck on the way to pick her up. It was a trust test and in her youth, she failed it. I think she would do better now. 

We say we trust God and sometimes circumstances enter our lives that put that trust to the test. I’m preaching to the choir. I tend to worry more than trust. Shame on me because He has proven Himself over and over. 

And He’s never late getting the message to me. 

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