Edited and comments left by Dennis Brady in parentheses.

It all started when my mom and sisters left to go out of town Sunday afternoon.

My dad and I were an hour late getting to grandma’s house for Easter dinner. He thought it was 6pm, but it was really 5pm. (I’m sure she said 6pm).

Then we forgot grandma’s Easter present, a bouquet of red tulips. (It’s the thought that counts).

When we got there we realized they waited on us to eat and all the food was cold. Awkward. (Will’s laughing now thinking about it).

Dad brought deviled eggs and creamed spinach which are now spoiled because he left the leftovers in the car all night after we got back home. That was some rotten luck. And eggs.

Then late Monday night we decided to fix a plumbing problem with the toilet. (Water closet, Will). My dad had done it before and thought he didn’t need the instructions. (What was I thinking?). The result was a huge mess. (The kid does exaggerate). Once he had fixed it-which took a long time, he accidentally broke off the toilet handle.

My dad told me to put the wet towels and stuff on the back deck to dry. The next morning we discovered that it rained overnight and the towels were still wet.

So the next morning we went to Lowes. Before the plumbing drama we started painting some old chairs and ran out of paint. Plus we needed the toilet handle. We found they only had one can of the spray paint that we needed. We only needed 2!

Then today before we could get the towels in, it rained again. And when my dad took me to grandma’s house today, we forgot her flowers again! (Well, they’ll be here for Sandra when she gets home tomorrow night. Boy, do we need her back home!).

Though we had our misfortunes, it was pretty funny. (At least he thinks so).

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