So I took Sandra to Cinnebarre tonight for her birthday. That’s the theater that serves real food. Because we like to do both. Eat and watch movies.

And I had a BOGO free coupon. We like those too.

But it was like the Twilight Zone. Not the movie. That was our first date on June 21, 1983.

We went to see American Sniper because my Flixster app showed it playing there at 7:15pm. Except the ticket booth guy said it wasn’t playing. Sometimes the online stuff isn’t right, he said. Ok, what about MacFarland? Flixster shows that, too.

Uh, no.

Ok, we settle on Paul Blart. That’ll be $10.50 says the ticket booth guy. But the sign says Monday thru Thursday it’s $6.00. And it’s Thursday. But that’s not for the newest releases. Whatever.

Theater 2, he says. We walk to theater 2 and the sign above the door says MacFarland.


Then I look at the menu and decide that I’m not starving for a $13 burger. I chose $9 pita and hummus.

But the movie made us laugh and we needed it. Sandra screamed within the first 5 minutes and I laughed at her. It was a good night. Any time out alone with my hot wife is a good night.

Even if the rest of the world is a little crazy.

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