This guy comes up to my front door wearing a lawn care service uniform so I know he’s about to deliver a sales speech. I guess he didn’t notice the sign at the entrance of the neighborhood that states “no soliciting”.

But that wasn’t the worst of his sins.

Sales guy: Hello, sir. We service your neighbor a few houses up (I take a look and the neighbor’s yard doesn’t look so hot) and I noticed bare batches in your yard from his house. (There it is; his first mistake). I was wondering if you would like our help?

Me: No thanks.

He seemed shocked as if I just insulted his mother.

Sales guy: What about the weeds here? (He pointed to the weeds. They are there. No denying it). Do you plan on doing the same thing you did last year? (Second mistake).

Me: I’m good, but thanks.

Sales guy: Are you sure? We can save you some money. (Uh, how is that? I’m obviously not spending much on it).

Me: Really, I’m good.

And he goes away like a wounded puppy. Shouldn’t I be the offended one? He tells me my yard looks bad even from a distance and that I obviously don’t know what I’m doing and I’m a fool to do it again this year.

But I wasn’t offended. Because mostly everything he said(or implied) is true. I own it. He’s just not going to make many sales with that approach.

His mother should have taught him better manners.

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