So you already know it’s my birthday. It’s such a momentous occasion, it calls for a 2 post day. 

I don’t just spend my birthday self-absorbed. I feel a double obligation to please my readers. 
All 3 of you. 
But I’ve had several people wish me happy birthday. By text, email, phone. And it caused me to think.
I am blessed. 
Life is busy. 10 hour workdays, long commutes, house cleaning, dinner prep, fantasy sports tracking, child raising, etcetera. But I’ve had several people press pause on the daily grind to think of me. And a few gave gifts. My brother in law and best friend, Joel rearranged his life at the drop of a hat to take an impulsive beach trip with me that I was prepared to go alone. And he’s paying for everything. 
I am blessed. I already said that, didn’t I? 
It’s just so profound. And I don’t take any of it for granted. 
If more than one person slows the roll on their life to pass along birthday wishes to you, you are blessed. 
Thank you all. 

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  1. As a writer I thought you’d like to know I think you forgot the word one down in the bottom paragraph. You are blessed because you have more than one friend.

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