We all need a guide.

I’m the worst backer-upper. In cars, trucks with trailers, Big Wheels(now I’m dating myself), but I’m just terrible backing up.  I guess because I’m a man of progress.


So when I have to back out of my driveway, I usually go over the grass or hit the stones around the mailbox. But I recently learned a trick. You already know this I’m sure, but we all know that I’m slow.

When I back out now, I use the mailbox as a guide.  As long I see the mailbox and the edge of the concrete in my rear or side view mirror and it’s tight without overstepping the concrete or hitting the mailbox or stones, then I’m good. It doesn’t matter if I miss the mailbox by an inch as long as I miss it.

The mailbox is my guide. And we all need guides.

A son needs a father. A daughter needs a mother.  A man needs a mentor. We all need Jesus.

When life gets hard we need someone who lives a life and offers an example of where we should be headed. To get us through the hard times when everything seems backwards.

My wife is often mine. She’s about the most steady eddie person I know and she seeks the Lord every day.  She’s wise. I can trust her.

But we all need one. If you’re a father or a mother, it’s your job. Do it.


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