I was trying to get my Big Green Egg going yesterday for a long Boston butt cook and a swarm of wasps built a home just behind the grill. 

I’m a live and let live kind of guy, but they didn’t share my same philosophy. They were up in my business. Off to the store I went to exercise my right to bear arms with wasp spray. 

I returned and bent down to take aim. The nest had maybe 7-8 busy wasps working on their home. In a nano flash before I could press the button, one wasp made a straight line to my trigger finger and stung me on the knuckle. I cried like a baby and ran in the house. 

They won that battle, but not the war. After I manned up, I went back and this time I didn’t spend as much time admiring their family teamwork. I scorched the earth. 

I did learn something. That one wasp that got me was protecting his home. He didn’t hesitate or think about it. He didn’t wait on another wasp to do it or wait on the governing body of wasps to pass legislation to help. He took action. 

We all need to watch out for our families. Mothers and fathers in particular, but not just them. Brothers and sisters need to have each other’s backs. Defend and protect each other. Fight the battles; some will be won, others lost, but remember it’s the war that matters. As someone said, live for the line, not the dot on the line.

If you get stung, come back fighting. Your family matters. 


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