Jack Squat is popular around the globe and I know him very well when it comes to DIY home repairs. I can’t wait to move into a nursing home some day. But until then it’s on me to figure out how in the heck to replace fill valves and fix garage doors.

Yet God can work out all things for good and He’s shown me how important it is to teach my son what I’m learning about home repairs. And hopefully Will can grow into a young man with a much higher DIY IQ.

It may be happening already.

Last night before I got home Sandra said they heard the toilet running. Will jumped up and said, “I’ll fix it”. Sandra said he lifted the tank lid, adjusted something and soon the water stopped running. I asked him about it and he said that he only had to jiggle the handle. But the point is, after spending time with me repairing two toilets he had the confidence to try. As someone who grew up learning nothing and faced adulthood, fatherhood and home ownership with no skills and no DIY confidence, it made me proud that he eagerly wanted to fix the running water.

I hope that he never gets to know Jack Squat.

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