When preparing for my post to introduce Onword and Upwords I wanted to know how many blogs I posted to Random Thoughts and when was the first.

God had a surprise for me.

No, not just how amateurish it was-long with only one paragraph. But the topic of the post itself. Most recently, my last post on the since retired Random Thoughts was about joy and my struggles with it.

Guess what my very post was about on May 25, 2010?

Joy and my struggles with it.

First post. Last post. Joy.

And the first post contained the answers I was searching for in the last. You’ll have to read it.

Does this mean I haven’t made any progress in 6 years?

I hope it doesn’t. Life isn’t a straight line from one point in 2010 to another point in 2016. There’s ups and downs. Downs and ups. Sometimes straight lines. We go through seasons. Life happens. Things propel us forward. Things set us back. The setbacks usually impact us greater emotionally than the successes do. It’s human nature. It’s the same reason why it takes 4 compliments to balance out one critique.

One measure of progress is how long do setbacks affect you now verses years ago?

How quickly do you bounce back?

Is the chart of your life onwards and upwards?

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