I started this blog on May 25, 2010 which was 339 posts ago. I loved the name Random Thoughts because that’s what the posts are, but all the dots for it were taken so I just settled for rdennisbrady.com. I always had a nagging sense that something else better lurked out there and every time I thought I discovered it, I checked and the domain was already registered.

While most of these posts are my random thoughts, I’ve always intended them for a higher purpose. As my tagline says and I’m sticking with it, “Glorifying God by encouraging, inspiring and amusing the people He loves.” So their purpose has never been random.

The other night God planted Onword and Upwords in my mind(as all good and perfect gifts come from Him). Notice the nice play on words. It exactly personifies my purpose-use my words to lift people onward and upward. Actually, I started with Onwords and Upwords, but that domain was registered, but not used. Many people make a living buying up domain names to sell them. No thanks.

So, goodbye Random Thoughts and Rdennisbrady.com. You served me well and I have thoroughly enjoyed our 339 posts and almost 6 years together.

Now it’s time to go Onword and Upwords.

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