I made a life decision today. I’m going to grow old with a dog.

I had this epiphany today as I was walking Toby. But it was really a conversation with my friend, Janice, that prompted the idea. She told me about her 92 year old neighbor lady who trims her bushes and walks her dog 3-4 times a day.

92 years old. And she still drives(she rolled her car the other day and is mostly ok, but please pray for her recovery).

Anyway, it made me realize that having a dog as you get older is a good thing. You have something other than yourself to care for and worry over. An obligation that requires effort, commitment and the outward focus of your attention and love.You have a reason to get out of the bed and out of the house; the motivation to move your body. I will have Sandra, however, she’s pretty self-sufficient and can get along fine without me. But a dog depends upon his owner for everything. And that’s much better than an old man sitting aroundĀ barking out orders to other people.

A dog is man’s best friend for a reason.


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