I could go on for pages and pages about the things I’m unsure of: the economy, politics, algebra, being a husband, being a father, how planes stay in the air, how sound comes out of a radio, Speedos, why people are mean, imprinting of baby ducks, working on cars, Excel, why teenage girls spend so much time in the bathroom and you have to threaten young boys to make them take a bath, etc, etc….

I just start feeling stupid about all the things I don’t know.

So I began pondering today about the things that I am sure of; you know, things in which I’m confident or I have an unyielding love for. It’s a much shorter list. But it made me feel better.

Here it is.


Tru Fuel for weed eaters and blowers.

Diet Mountain Dew. I’ve been told that it’s about as healthy as drinking Tru Fuel.

My love for my family.

My Big Green Egg.

Elevation church and the good heart and good intentions of its pastor and staff.

Ribeyes. Rare to medium rare. Yum.

John 3:16

Romans 8:28

And all Scriptures.

Lonesome Dove.

The beach



The first two Norah Jones albums.

Appreciation for curbside garbage service.

The company I work for and the people behind it.

My closest friends. There’s not many. You know who you are.

Late night weekend TV binging.

Will’s hugs.

Shelby’s smile.

Keely’s cooking.

Disdain for arrogant people.


Fantasy football.

The album, In Between Dreams, by Jack johnson.

My Rocketfish headphones.


Online banking.

Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory.



Yes. Most definitely Jesus.

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