It was the call that fathers don’t want to receive. The one that drives a stake of fear through their hearts. 

My daughter called. I didn’t know what she wanted, but if she’s calling, it can’t be good. I was surprised that she knew her texting device had a talk function. 

Fortunately, the issue wasn’t tragic. She was at school and her car wouldn’t start. Just an aggravation. My heart rate slowed and Will and I headed out to save our damsel in distress. On the way two things occurred to me. One, if the car was broken beyond a dead battery or loose battery cable, then I’d need a way to get the car home. Two, I was pretty sure my AAA membership was expired. Ugh. 

It was. But the nice AAA lady allowed me to renew it for $139. I remember the days it was $100. We almost arrived to the campus when Keely called again. No heart palpitations this time. Her car started and she was on the way. 

Great. I just spent the grocery money. 

But then Will commented, “Hey, at least you got the card renewed. You needed to do that.”

Yes I did. 

My eternally optimistic son making lemonade again. 

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