Sandra played a nasty trick on me the other night. With a vegetable. 

Or whatever edamame is. 

She told me that I would love it. So that night while she was away, Will and I decided to give it a shot. Well, I did. Maybe he was in on the trick. 

I put the whatever it is in my mouth and began to chew. And chew. I almost choked to death on it. 

This can’t be right. 

I pilfered through the trashcan for the bag hoping it came with eating instructions. Here’s a lesson. If a food requires a manual, avoid it. 

Indeed it did have a how-to eating guide. 

Don’t eat the pod. 

What? I have to shell this thing before I eat it? I’m over shucking oysters and maybe peeling shrimp and this, this thing is a vegetable. 

I don’t think so. 

Surely Sandra knew this when she raved how much I would love it. How can a person be so wrong? 

I have to reexamine everything that I thought I knew about her over the past 33 years. Or have aliens body snatched my dear wife and replaced her with an evil clone bent on my destruction? 

Pray for me. 

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